A master of fire and artist of iron, Ferronnerie d’Art Betemps (Bétemps Art ironworks), a Fort Royal group studio, brilliantly manufactures all types of architectural embellishments in classic, art deco, and
contemporary styles.

Possessing exceptional expertise and a singular style, the studio adapts to the demands of its customers - individuals and professionals alike - to create unique designs, completely made to order. The creative force it demonstrates carries the hallmark of its founder, Claude Bétemps. Specializing in wrought ironwork, his studio gives life to the most complex designs, in challenging scrollwork that defies the very nature of the material, as it fabricates the creations of architects and designers who call upon it.

This web site presents a selection of the most representative pieces produced by the studio, as a demonstration of its craftsmanship, both to introduce you to this trade, and to open up a dialog regarding the studio’s ability to produce your creations and collaborate on your projects