When Claude Bétemps took over the family business in 1964, he wanted to use his artistic talent to create a studio that was unanimously recognized for the quality of its expertise, the reliability of its
work, and the beauty of its creations.

Today, after years of experience guided by the love of the trade, Ferronnerie d’Art Bétemps, a Fort Royal group studio, features fifteen highly-skilled craftsmen (some have more than 40 years’ seniority)
and exports its creations for architectural projects around the world.

Each year, it welcomes new apprentices and shares the wealth of its expertise with them. The process of continual exchanges that this training of young recruits has established, forces its craftsmen to
perpetually mobilize all their skills and maintains the richness of the studio.

Proud to carry the torch of French art ironwork, Ferronnerie d’Art Bétemps has received the Living Heritage Company label, which sets it apart for its craftsmanship excellence. The firm devotes its know-how to its customers, in order to offer them its creative proposals or to fabricate the projects of their architect or d esigner.