Ironwork is an ancient art, whose forging and assembly techniques have changed very little over time. Ferronnerie d’Art Bétemps produces ironwork in the purest tradition, all while employing suitable, efficient equipment, enabling it to work all types of iron, including soft iron, which is less common today but much used in the past.


Hot punching, drawing, necking, upsetting; the blacksmith, at work on the anvil, gives life and harmonious shapes to iron.


The studio works in iron like the sculptor works in clay.



Creativity in iron working is limitless. That’s why Ferronnerie d’Art Bétemps has its own design office. In an ongoing dialog with customers, its designers propose sketches, drawings, samples with finishes for validation with the purpose of the project.


The studio is in total control of every phase of the project: production, treatments,
including anti-corrosion finishes (hot zinc plating), paint, or oxidation, patina, installation of gold or silver leaf. The installation is always performed by its teams regardless of the destination worldwide